Thomas Adams

Thomas working at a dinosaur track site.

Thomas is a curator at the Witte Museum in San Antonio and one of my main collaborators on the Arlington Archosaur Site Project. Thomas is an expert on Cretaceous crocodilian diversity and ichnology.

Stephanie Drumheller-Horton

Stephanie at the Arlington Archosaur Site.

Stephanie is a Lecturer at University of Tennessee-Knoxville and my other main collaborator on the Arlington Archosaur Site. She is an expert on crocodilians and taphonomy.

Joe Peterson´╗┐

Joe with a sauropod scapula.

Joe is an Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh where he works on taphonomy, applications of 3D technology in paleontology, and paleoecology. We’ve worked together on various taphonomic experiments and unraveling the history of the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry.

Lindsay Zanno

Lindsay is holding the vertebrae of a giant theropod.

Lindsay is a curator at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. We are currently studying differences in the soft- and hard-tissue morphology of bird claws.

Luis Chiappe

Luis is a curator at the LA County Museum and best known for his work on fossil birds. He has been kind enough to let me work with his crew on two very interesting dinosaur quarries from a lower member of the Morrison Formation.

Derek Main

Derek was my original collaborator for the AAS, and instrumental to its success. Sadly, Derek passed away in June 2013. His memory is kept alive by the incredible group of volunteers that help run and excavate the AAS, and the hundreds (if not thousands) of people he touched through his teaching and tireless outreach efforts.