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Field Work

I have performed field work in many parts of the United States. Much of my current research work takes me to the western and southern regions of the U.S.


Morrison Formation

I have worked in the Late Jurassic Morrison Formation the most extensively. From 2003-2004 I worked near Shell, Wyoming with Nick Fraser on a variety of dinosaur quarries. During the Summer 2010 and 2012 field seasons I have been in southeast Utah working on a sauropod quarry with Luis Chiappe and a group from the L.A. County Museum.







Woodbine Formation

Also during the 2010 field season I began working in the Cenomanian (mid-Cretaceous) Woodbine Formation in the Dallas-Fort Worth area at a locality called the Arlington Archosaur Site. This work is done in collaboration with Derek Main and Chris Scotese at the University of Texas at Arlington.This is an incredibly rich locality representing a coastal wetlands ecosystem with a diverse vertebrate fauna including dinosaurs (theropods and ornithopods), crocodilians, turtles, sharks, and fish. There is also evidence that intense wildfires periodically tore through the area. We are busily writing up much of the new taxa from this site for publication.





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