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Hadrosaurs cover
The description of new hadrosauroid material from the Arlington Archosaur Site in Texas has just been published in the book Hadrosaurs, by Indiana University Press.

Keep calm

We use dermestid beetles in my lab to skeletonize animals for study. See a timelapse video of them in action on my YouTube channel.


This summer, my friend and colleague, Dr. Derek Main, passed away suddenly and I had to step in to continue his work with the Arlington Archosaur Site. We were in the process of finding a new home for the collection. All AAS fossil material was stabilized, catalogued, and packed for transfer to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. The collection is now being unpacked and moved into the Perot collections. A short news piece on the transfer can be found here.


Darwin Day
This past weekend I helped out at a local Darwin Day event organized by the Dinosaur Discovery Museum in downtown Kenosha. A small write up on it can be found here.

I have some new public talks scheduled for 2013, please take a look at my Outreach page for details.

If you've been following the news lately, you're aware that a rare Tyrannosaurus (tarbosaurus) bataar was poached from Mongolia and made its way to the US, where it was to be auctioned in New York. Now, a new legal challenge has been filed that could return the iconic national treasure back to its native land and preserve it for both the people of Mongolia and scientists interested in its proper study. I have created a page with copies of the press release and legal filing here.

croc biting turtle
Lots of news! First and foremost, my collaborators and I had a a new paper featured on the cover of the February issue of Palaios on the feeding behavior of the AAS crocodyliform as shown by bite marks on turtle and dinosaur bones. Check it out here. The excellent artwork featured above is by Jude Swales.

Click here to read the press release about the article.

Brian Switek did a great blog post about our paper here at Wired.com.

Working on setting up the new office and lab space.

A short piece I wrote for the Open Dinosaur Project blog is now available on the ODP website.

Here is a short article about some of the research I was doing at UT Arlington, using a 3D laser scanner to reconstruct a fossil crocodile discovered in Texas.

Job update! I have decided to accept a tenure-track position in Biology at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.I will be relocating to Kenosha at some point over the summer.

Check out this great time-lapse video of an elephant carcass being devoured over the course of just a week.

My new book chapter on terrestrial vertebrate taphonomy has just been published in Taphonomy (2nd ed.): Process and Bias Through Time. More info can be found at the Springer site.

Interested in how a scientist's mind works? I did a short interview for the Open Source Paleontologist blog about the Jurassic paleoecology paper. You can read the interview here.

Done with conference season. Had some great responses to the theropod claw work at SVP. At GSA the Mesozoic biodiversity and Cretaceous wildfires talks were very well received. References here.

New article on dinosaur paleoecology is now available at PLoS ONE. You can read and download it here.





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